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12 Signs a Pisces Man Is Playing You

Signs a Pisces Man Is Playing You

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12 Signs a Pisces Man Is Playing You

No matter the zodiac sign involved, everyone wants to know where they stand in any relationship. It is important to get your relationship defined with your Pisces man and look out for some signs.

Astrology has made it easier for you to easily look up a potential love interest zodiac sign; there the character, traits, dating patterns, and personal preferences have been broken down. Pisces men are great romantics but they can be players too.

A Pisces man is the most emotional of the star signs and it can be very challenging to be around him especially if you cannot match his energy. Here are 12 tell-tale signs to know if a Pisces man is playing you or not.

12 Signs a Pisces Man Is Playing You

1. He Calls Only When He Wants Something

 A pisces man is playing with your emotions if he contacts you only when he needs you. Someone who truly loves you will take you as a priority, he wouldn’t want to stay a whole day without hearing your voice.

He might indeed be very busy with work or other things; but if he can’t bring out a few minutes from his tight schedule to send an SMS, chat you up or call – he is playing with you.

A real man treats his woman like a queen to avoid making you hurt – so if a pisces don’t contact you again after he has gotten what he wants, he is playing you.

2.No Romantic Gestures

If a pisces man is not being romantic while with you, it is a big red flag. This is because this sign is the most romantic one in the zodiac sign.

It is also okay for some men not to be the romantic type but for a pisces man not to want a candle dinner together, send you flowers and others; he is seriously not that interested in you but playing you.

3. He Rarely Gives Compliments

Pisces men love to shower attention on the woman they desire and he would make sure to let her know how special she is to him.

However, if he only gives you compliments whenever he sees you naked or heading to the bedroom, then he is playing with you and it is very obvious what his objectives are.

4. He Is Always Body shaming You

If a pisces man always makes you feel like you are not good enough for him, then he is playing you. This game of emotions he is playing with you is to make you insecure and helpless.

Don’t try to stick around if he is always throwing snide remarks about your weight, the way you eat, e. t. c. Any man who makes your self-esteem so low should not have a place in your future.

5. You Feel Something Is Wrong

Most times we tend to underrate the power of intuition. So many unnecessary heartaches can be avoided if we simply follow our instincts – which is never wrong.

If you don’t feel right about something, even after giving it much thought, it is probably not right. Trust your instincts and leave if something feels off because he might be playing you.

6.He Avoids Physical Contact

A pisces man is built for cuddles and hugs – let’s call him a soft teddy bear. When in love, all he would want to do is to keep you in his arms all day long, steal kisses from you, and wouldn’t have a problem with public display of affections.

If he then starts distancing himself from you, by not hugging you as he should, eager to get away from you; he is playing you.

7.He Acts Suspiciously

If a Pisces man hides his phone always and avoids sitting close to you while pressing his phone – this is a big sign that he is playing you and has other girls in the picture.

Also, watch out for the way he receives calls in your presence. If he goes to another room to do so, this is a sign that there is something shady going on.

8.He Cares Less About You

If you are always the one running around to make the relationship work, then he is playing you. A relationship can only make tremendous progress if both parties are involved. It is not supposed to be a one-sided effort.

This might happen because he sees you as a part-time hobby; or perhaps he is after your money, body, influence, e. t. c. Leave the relationship if it is all about you making a pisces man happy – don’t break your back trying to do so.

9.He Makes Empty Promises


When a pisces man keeps telling you what you want to hear to get what he wants, then he is obviously playing you.

He will say the most amazing things, promise you the world, and offers to take care of your every need and that of your family; but once he’s had his way, he tells you stories of how he is not ready to commit to anything.

Always have it in mind that actions speak louder than words. Once he starts being unreliable, you are being played.

10.He Doesn’t Act Silly With You

For a pisces man, there is nothing he would like more than to see his partner happy and smiling. They can go from acting goofy to climbing things and dancing just to see you smile.

If he is in love with you and really wants to see the relationship work, your smile will be very important to him – this may sound cliché but it is a fact. If a pisces man doesn’t do any of those things, he is playing you.

11. He Doesn’t Take Notice Of The Little Things About You

When a pisces man is in love, he would notice the smallest changes in your body and your mood as well. If he doesn’t do this, then it is a sign that you are not his priority and that you are being played.

Being interested in you will make him want to know everything about you down to the last detail and not the other way round.

12. He Avoids Certain Questions

An honest man will always be happy to be given a chance to express his feelings to the woman he cares about. So, if a pisces man finds it difficult to answer your questions, this is a sign that he is playing you.

Not knowing some important details about who you have been dating for quite some time is a red flag, which is letting you know that there is something he is keeping from you. This often shows that he is not planning to commit full-time with you and is just playing along until he gets a better choice.


It is very easy to fall in love with a pisces man because of their romantic and attractive side. When a guy genuinely likes you, he will be attracted to everything you do but if you find out that the pisces man is making you doubt yourself or you are constantly changing yourself to suit him – you are being played.

With the above-listed signs, you can relate it to your relationship and find out if the pisces man you are with is playing you or not. Move on if that is the case, you deserve better than someone who takes your feelings for granted.

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Originally posted 2023-01-20 23:16:26.

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