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10 Unlucky Signs That You Will Never Find Love  

Unlucky Signs That You Will Never Find Love  

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10 Unlucky Signs That You Will Never Find Love  

Having faith is one of the things one has to do to succeed in love or other aspects of life. It’s quite possible that you might not find love if that is what you have made yourself believe. Love is not so easy to find and this is something many people crave – it may come to you where and when you least expect it.

You will have to take a look at your priorities and make some compromises – life is short. Here are some of the things you do that will make you never find love:

Unlucky Signs That You Will Never Find Love

1. You Always Fall For The Wrong Person

Yes, finding love can be difficult. We all have had heartbreaks at one time or the other; falling for the wrong person over and over again. You don’t have to be ashamed of it – it just doesn’t happen to only you.

Accept that it is a normal aspect of life. Rejections and betrayals are bound to happen – how you come out of each one is all that matters. You have to break this pattern and think of what could be wrong. Try to learn from your mistakes to avoid repeating this pattern.

If you don’t try to find out why you keep meeting the wrong person, you will never find true love or have a relationship devoid of toxicity.

2. Your Close Friends Are Making Potential Partners Having Doubts

Nobody likes to be told who to be friends with and who to avoid. However, if you have a kind of friendship that is going to take up all of your attention, it might cause a little problem in your love life.

Can you really blame them if they feel uncomfortable with the kind of friendship you have with someone else? Red flags come in different ways, one is with whom you spend your time. Don’t think it is strange for anyone to care who you are friends with – let there be a limit to everything so that you will find love.

3. You Have No Time For Romance

In this scenario, you not having any care for love is not the problem, but your schedule. You are always so busy with family, friends, work, or even a short date.

Try to make out time for potential partners. Go out and make connections that will make you find true love. If you keep up with this tight schedule, you will never find love.

4. You Are Too Choosy

If you are too picky and have a high standard when it comes to falling in love, then this is one of the signs that you will never find love. Nobody is perfect and we all have what we look for in a partner; however, if your standards are really high (nothing is wrong with having high expectations) and it’s stopping you from finding a partner – you will have to lower your bar a little.

The world we live in is full of mysteries. You will be surprised that the person you have written off might be the perfect one – once you get to know him/her.

5. You Don’t Have a Social Life

The love you are looking for won’t fall from the sky. How do you expect to find your love interest if you practically spend all your day indoors?

Going out and socializing with other people is one of the simplest ways to find love. Spending lots of time with people and bonding is a major necessity for most people when it comes to dating. You can also try registering on some online dating sites, just keep up with the changing times. You are single, so mingle whichever way you’d prefer.

6. You Don’t Expand Your Horizon

You will never find love if you keep searching to find that one special person in a particular event, area, place, or demographic group.

Some would even go ahead to make their searches where not many people are single. It will be so much harder to find that one person in a place where the people you come in contact with are; taken, don’t share the same ideology with you, or have similar interests. Stop limiting yourself – spread your wings and go explore.

7. You Believe There Are Perfect People

As the saying goes, nobody is perfect – and it is true. No human is perfect and also, no relationship is perfect. Don’t be deceived by what you are made to see on social media because most are just for likes and shares.

Have it in mind that there are going to be hard times, no matter how rosy it will all look. These tough times might include cheating, work challenges, crazy habits, misunderstandings, and so many others. You will never find love if you keep thinking that there is a perfect man or woman out there. Let their imperfections be perfect for you.

8. You Always Have a Pessimistic View About Relationships

This might be because you grew up in a broken household and this has made you to tread cautiously when it comes to your relationships.

Do not use the painful relationships you have had in the past and others’ experiences to define yours. You will never find true love if you don’t have positive views of relationships. Not everyone is having a bad relationship, try to free your mind because love does exist.

9. You Are Unaware Of Your Feelings

As funny as it sounds, some people don’t discover that they are in love until it is too late. Maybe it’s not exactly what you want or you were not expecting to find it yet.

You will never find love if you don’t open yourself to the realization that you can find love anytime and anywhere. Try not to miss out on love – it could actually strike when you are least expecting it.

10. You Have a Low Self-esteem

It is going to be tough for anyone to fall in love with you if you haven’t loved yourself first. You don’t need to have a negative view of yourself or think that you don’t deserve love.

Come up with positive affirmations always. Tell yourself that you are; an amazing being, smart, kind, lovable, doesn’t and a full spec! Carry your shoulder high and walk with that confidence – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Do you want to find love? Do you want to spend the rest of your life alone or with a partner? If yes, watch out for the signs listed above; find out what you are doing wrongly and correct it or you will never love.

However, do not let all these signs weigh you down or you will never find love. Love is a beautiful thing when with the right person – don’t give up on love entirely and be the best you can be.

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