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How To Get Money From a Stingy Boyfriend

How To Get Money From a Stingy Boyfriend

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How To Get Money From a Stingy Boyfriend

The foundation of any relationship apart from love is giving. When you love someone, giving to them or sharing what you have with them wouldn’t be an issue.

As humans, we naturally want to do everything we can for the people we love, including giving them money.

Before you classify your boyfriend as stingy, you should consider whether he has been like that since the beginning of your relationship or if it’s a recent change. It could be an issue with his finances if it’s a recent change. But either way, here are some sure ways to get money from your stingy boyfriend.

How To Get Money From a Stingy Boyfriend

1. Buy him gifts

That man you think is stingy might not know how to give. What better way to teach him how to give than by giving to him? The gifts don’t necessarily need to be expensive, but they are sentimental and of emotional value to him. He will soon learn to give in return.

2. Be Valuable to him

Everyone loves to have an asset, and nobody wants a liability. No man will be happy to spend on a woman they consider a liability. Add value to your man’s life, support his dreams, recommend him for jobs you know he can do, pray for and with him, and finally assist him in whatever way you can. There is no way you would be an asset to him; he won’t give you anything and everything you ask for.

3. Be reasonable in your Asking

As your man, you know his financial capacity; try not to ask him what he can’t provide. If you want a wig of, say, 150k, and you know your man can’t offer it, instead of labeling him stingy, you can ask him for the amount you know he can provide and offset the rest yourself, or better still, go for a wig with a lower price.

4. Tell him your needs

Tell him your needs

We all know of the saying “A woman who doesn’t ask for anything deserves everything”, but sometimes because you don’t ask or tell your man your needs, he isn’t bothered about giving you or providing any of it. The truth is, no matter how independent a woman is, she loves it when her man provides for her needs; most men believe that since you can comfortably provide for your needs, he does not need to do so. It is your job to talk to him about your needs.

5. Call other guys to ask for money in his presence

Nothing moves a guy to give more than jealousy. No guy likes his girl asking another guy for anything, especially money. If you successfully pull this stunt, he will start giving you money, especially if he loves you, as he wouldn’t want to lose to other guys because the guy gives more than he does.

6. Be Independent and have self-respect

It isn’t ideal to always ask your man for money because he also has other responsibilities. As a lady, earn your own money be independent, and try as much as possible to reduce your dependence on him.

7. Ask him for money in front of his friends

I don’t recommend this, but each one is his own. If you know your man is the type that has pride and likes showing off to people, especially his friends, this will work for you. He wants to prove to his friends that he cares for his woman’s needs, so this might be the best way to get money from him.

8. Be appreciative of his gifts

It is said that “Appreciation is an application for more.” When you always appreciate your man, he will be motivated to do more. Nobody likes being unappreciated, many women complain their man is stingy, meanwhile, they are the ones who don’t appreciate it when he gifts you, by belittling the gifts or looking down on them.

Being unappreciative alone can make a man tight-handed. Appreciation can come in many forms, like cooking his favorite food, doing a little extra in the bedroom, etc.

9. Be Faithful and Loyal

Everyone wants a loyal and faithful man or woman. I know I want a faithful partner. Be your man’s confidant and be faithful to him. No man will spend on you if he discovers you have been cheating on him. If you want your man to spend on you, be supportive and Faithful.


1. How do I deal with a stingy man in a relationship?

When you are in a relationship with a stingy man, you can manage the relationship by:

Try to understand your man, know why he is that way

Create a budget that works for both of you

Reach a mid-point in your spending habits

Be prepared to give up things you love for his sake

Show him love and teach him how to give.

2. How can I get money from a man without asking?

Be sweet to him

Give him gifts

Appreciate him

Do things he likes

Be passionate with him

3. How do I politely ask my boyfriend for money?

Tell him what you want the money for

Tell him how much you want

Tell him when you need the money; the deadline shouldn’t be too close unless it is an emergency.

Call him sweet names or do extremely sweet things to butter him up.

4. How do I lure a man to give me money?

Be independent and have respect for yourself

Be generous and kind to him

Don’t be whining or excessively demanding, woman

Be faithful and loyal to him

Support him in any way you can

Make him happy


In a nutshell, not all of these will work for you. You know your man, his character, and his behaviors. Choose the one that works best for your relationship.

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Originally posted 2022-12-27 12:18:29.

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