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Why Do Guys in a Relationship Look at Other Women?

Why Do Guys in a Relationship Look at Other Women?

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Why Do Guys in a Relationship Look at Other Women?

Looking beautiful and attractive is awesome. When a woman dresses beautifully she attracts people’s attention, especially from the male gender. It’s not a new thing for guys to stare at a beautiful woman who is well dressed.

Actually, it’s good to admire God’s creation, but it’s absurd when you look at the opposite gender uncontrollably especially when your partner is with you.

It is very exasperating to see your partner staring at another woman lustfully in public. There is this sense of displeasure you feel within. Your day becomes ruined and you get hurt without him knowing. You keep wondering why he keeps looking at other women, it doesn’t mean he is not satisfied with you? This is what most women ask.

You wish he will stop this attitude once he realizes you get hurt, but obviously, men don’t even reason that way. Most times their action is more of a reflex. They won’t even realize they are staring until you call their attention to it. At that moment their heart lands on their hands.

Honestly, everyone does stare at someone beautiful because somehow you look at other men too. It might not be in an awkward way but you also look. It could be that you admired a handsome man but it didn’t go beyond that.

What differs is you don’t allow it to affect you. It is something that occurs for a while You might not even realize it. For men, they tend to be aware of it a bit, although they might not have any intention toward the woman. It all depends on how often he does this though!

Men who are in a relationship that also stare always land in a dog’s house. They end up complicating issues in their relationship, making their partner feel like a nobody. It is really difficult to deal with the fact that your partner keeps looking at other women. It’s quite frustrating no woman would condole such.

So if you have been in this situation for a while now we can help you. In this article, you will discover the reasons men look at other women.

Why Do Guys in a Relationship Look at Other Women?

1. They’re visual beings

Men are visual beings, they are moved by what they see while women are enticed emotionally. If a man looks at a woman it’s because he sighted her. It mustn’t be for an ulterior motive. They really must not be attractive before they take a glance, something else might cause them to steal glances.

2. It’s an instinct

Naturally, men are programmed that way biologically. Their instincts work on reflex whenever they see a woman they are propelled to look even without having the intention to do so. So it’s not really their fault is just their nature to stare, because obviously women were created from men. It’s more like looking at something taken from you.

3. They catch themselves too late

As their instincts push them to look, they stare longer when they want to, this is when you see them staring at another woman. So this is you seeing them staring a little longer than normal.

4. She’s attractive

attractive girl

This is the number one reason men look at a woman. When a woman is beautiful and attractive they look at her, I believe you know this. It is simply the way it happens. This is why reasonable men do not stare for a long time. They take a glance and move on to avoid upsetting their woman.

5. She’s making a scene

It’s normal to look at someone who makes a scene. If a lady is making a scene a man is moved to stare. Especially when she creates a scene with her outfit or she is fighting. Everyone is looking at her including you so he would do the same.

6. She wears something obnoxious

It’s quite hard not to stare at someone who is dressed offensively. Even if he looks for a while. The fact is that he will stare mostly when it’s funny. This is another good reason men stare. They just look and mock her stupidity.

7. You look at a beautiful lady

Perhaps you were looking at a lady, for this reason, he will also want to look as well. It might sound untrue to you but it’s a sure fact and he would also look at other men this way too.

Obviously you know you would look at a beautiful lady when you see one, this also happens to him. You need not overreact.

8. He’s distracted

He could be distracted by her beauty or even something else. He might not be staring at her but looking at something else.

Don’t just jump to conclusions about where his eyes are aimed just because they’re directed at a woman.

9. He could be unhappy with you

Another reason a man would stare at another woman is if he’s not happy with you but you would have observed this before now. He could steal glances when he’s upset, probably to thwart you. He might also be wondering what it will be like if he is with her.

10. He’s curious

Human beings are usually illusional, they are curious in nature. Men naturally are adventurous they want to explore so they keep imagining things even if it’s a misapprehension.

It’s possible he is just imagining things and nothing more than that. His curiosity will push him to stare a lot.

The wrong perception about his gaze toward women

1. He wants to leave you

That he is looking at another woman does not mean he is about to leave you. This is a misapprehension, you can’t conclude with this.

2. She has a better figure than you

If she has a better figure it won’t be a major reason for your man to look at another woman. Every man loves to admire a nice and beautiful thing. She might even have a less beautiful figure and still, stare.

3. She is more beautiful than you

Most women believe their men stare at other women because they feel the other is more classic and beautiful. Truth is a man might stare at a beautiful woman without considering her more beautiful.

4. You are not enough for him

When you start having insecurity issues or you are having a low self-esteem this could pop into your mind. Chances are you will get worried you are not enough for him. Your thoughts or feelings can trigger some unrealistic ideas.

5. He wants to cheat

This is a wrong idea. If a man wants to cheat he will. If he is looking at another woman it’s not a surety he will cheat on you with her.

 What to do to get over this feeling

1. Ignore the feeling

2. Work on your self-esteem and build confidence

3. Don’t make it a big deal

4. look at other men when you are with him, that way you won’t feel bad.


When a man looks at a woman it doesn’t mean he wants to have something with her. It might just be a harmless stare. So instead of getting yourself worked up, just relax and watch carefully to actually ascertain if it’s just a stare or not.

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Originally posted 2022-12-27 15:26:30.

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