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How To Make Your Husband Happy

How To Make Your Husband Happy

Marriage & Divorce

How To Make Your Husband Happy

Marriage indeed is a hard job. Happiness is a key ingredient for a marriage to be successful. Most people see marriage as a game or contract, that’s why they don’t put in much effort to make it work. Making your spouse happy is very important, it strengthens the bond that exists between you two. But first, you must be happy before you can even make someone happy. Happiness flows from the inside. If you are happy you can influence your partner with it.

It is said that you don’t need your partner to be happy, but you still have to make them happy to keep the relationship going. When both of you are happy the union will be blissful. One of the benefits of making your husband happy is that you can win his heart easily, which is a plus for you.

Some people believe it’s difficult to please and make their husbands happy. The obvious truth is you can make him happy, but first, you must know what makes him happy, how to make him happy when to make him happy, etc.

One of the easiest ways to make him happy is to know his love language. The five love languages explain in detail how different people express love and want to be loved.

The Love languages involve:

♥ Quality time

♥ Acts of service

♥ Physical touch

♥ Receiving gifts

♥ Words of affirmation

From these love languages, you can figure out what exactly is your husband’s love language. With this, you can win his heart and make him happy.

If you are reading this article, I am sure you are curious to know how to make your husband happy. Probably your husband has been ghosting you for a while, and he has been unhappy with you. Keep reading why I give you effective tips on how to make your husband happy.

Effective and proven ways to make your husband happy

1. Make him a little more vulnerable

In our world today, it’s difficult for men to express how bad they feel about something. They have been thought to swallow their tears and bear their pain. The reason is they are meant to believe that men don’t cry and if they do it means they are weak men. So men don’t like to be vulnerable or show any sign of weakness.

If you want to be closer to him and penetrate his heart, then make him vulnerable a little. That way you can access him, and Know what he really wants to make him happy.

“In our society, men don’t traditionally get to cry or admit they’re feeling scared or hurt, they may feel ashamed because these things aren’t ‘manly,'” says Berman. Since you know how hard it is for a man to open up, try to encourage him to spill what has happened in the past. Let him know you are okay with whatever he says and you won’t judge him.

2. Speak directly but do not be authoritative

Most times we miss what we expect in marriage due to poor communication. Most women expect their husbands to know what they want without communicating it with them. “In honesty, men wish their wives will open up to tell what they want to make them happy instead of making them guess”. Instead of stressing your spouse unnecessarily and grumbling for not meeting up with your needs, while not letting him know what you want. By letting him know your expectations, you make things easier for him and yourself. That way your husband will be happy with you and your marriage will blossom.

So learn to speak to him directly but respectfully and concisely. Don’t boss him around, stop being excessively demanding and authoritative. Tell him what you want like a queen talks to her king. “Your husband is your king” accord him that respect.

3. Address him properly

A lot of women fail in this area. There is this wrong idea they create in their head about gender equality all in the name they don’t want oppression. Addressing a man properly shows you respect and value. This doesn’t make you stupid nor will it make your husband abuse you or treat you less. When there is something to discuss, address it maturely.

4. Get him his favorite snack

Little gestures matter too. You can make your husband happy by showing little gestures. Buying him his favorite snacks might seem small but it goes a long way to pierce his heart and make him happy.

5. Be available for him

Having each other’s back is necessary for the couple. Nothing gives you the best feeling like knowing your partner will always stand by you no matter what happens. Having a Spouse you can count on makes one very happy. Try to be available when he needs you. A man feels more comfortable when his wife is around him. She is like a backup mechanism for him.

It’s important you know this and apply it because if you are present for him he will do the same. “A good wife attracts her husband’s attention”.

6. Do things to make him feel special

Make out time daily to appreciate your husband by using his love language. Let your husband feel special. Tell him how much you love him and how much he means to you.

Use his right love language to appreciate him. For instance, if his love language is an act of service and you get him his favorite shirt he might not value it much.

7. Make out time for sex and romance

Sex and romance bring about intimacy. Most couples lack this, they are so busy with work that they forget about intimacy. Research has shown that sex and intimacy is an important ingredients to spice up your relationship and have a happy marriage. Sexual intimacy can be the magnet that holds married couples.

It is advised that couples should have time for a dinner date together. It helps rekindle the bond and boost your love for each other. Keep doing what you guys did and why you were dating.

A date night might seem simple for young lovebirds, but in the end, it will bring you both together.

8. Trigger his hero instincts

The best way to boost a man’s ego is to trigger his hero instincts and this goes a long way to make him happy. Treat him with respect, and let him feel like the provider and king. Let him know you hold him in high esteem and that he is your hero.

It might sound obsolete in this generation because women don’t need a man to complete them. Truth is no matter how independent you are, you should make him feel like your everyday hero. That will give him the greatest joy because you acknowledge his presence in your life.

9. Understand his personality

One of the easiest ways to relate with your husband is by understanding his personality. Your man might be the type that doesn’t like too much questioning when he is worried. Perhaps he likes to keep to himself for a while before voicing anything out. This is where you have to understand him and adjust, so you both can be happy under the same roof.

11 Things to say to your husband to Make Him Happy

1. I can’t believe how clever you are. You are so clearly gifted in that area.

2. I observed of late that you feel very down, but I hope you know I still respect you deeply.

3. I am very proud of you.

4. What would you like us to have for dinner?

5. I forgive you and I won’t raise this again, alright?

6. Please can you spare a minute there is something I would love to show you in the bedroom.

7. You took care of that so maturely.

8. You are absolutely correct.

9. You are such a prudent man filled with wisdom.

10. Am so lucky I married you.

11. I would choose you over and over again.

Bottom line

Making your husband happy sounds difficult but the little effort you put in will go a long way. Let your actions justify your words. In the long run, you will achieve your goal of making your husband happy and having a happy and healthy home.

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Originally posted 2022-12-27 23:47:16.

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