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How To Deal With a Crazy Wife


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How To Deal With a Crazy Wife

It is normal for couples to have issues from time to time. Probably you guys do have a little misunderstanding, perhaps domestic house quarrels. But it becomes a matter of concern when it gets to the point where you guys beef each other. Do you keep wondering what exactly is the problem? If you feel suffocated or tied down with constant restrictions and nagging, you might have given your spouse the title “crazy wife”.

Perhaps you feel stalked in the middle of the drama and you are beginning to believe your wife is a psycho. It will be wrong to share your marital issues with your friends. Instead of helping they might worsen the situation. Before you conclude your wife is crazy you need to analyze the situation properly.

Sometimes we are emotionally unbalanced and we tend to exhibit mood swings. Talking about crazy, I don’t mean issues like when your wife asks for money you refuse to give her, and then she rants. Or she tells you to keep your dirty clothes in the laundry bag or basket and you failed to do that. These two scenarios are bound to make her angry. But it’s not enough to say she is crazy. She is human and certainly would react to such inadequacies. If you were in her shoes you will probably do the same.

Although if your wife yells at you, she is domineering, nags, rants, and complains often, it is dangerous. Because a nagging and bossy wife will make your home a living hell. You won’t experience peace in your life. But before you draw the line and complain let’s look out for the signs of a crazy wife.

Surefire Signs your wife has a crazy attitude

1. She’s always Angry with you for something

Does she always pick on you at every slightest opportunity? Perhaps you guys are having a conversation and next, she gets angry looking for a way to fight. She finds fault in what you do because she just wants to pick on you. She accuses you of offending her even when you didn’t. When there’s nothing to get angry at she will look for one. It’s more like she despises your sight or what you do.

2. She constantly threatens to physically harm you.

This is absolutely out of place and it’s deadly. It’s true we utter words mistakenly without minding what we say. But when it becomes consistent it’s not safe. This clearly shows she is not mentally stable or she is evil. No one in his/her right senses will threaten their spouse in that manner.

3. She consistently attacks you with her words

Verbal attacks begin with minor hurtful words that sprout into more dangerous and harmful words. There’s nothing you do that appeases her, she complains bitterly about everything you do. She will always find a way to ridicule you and make you feel less of a man.

4. She’s controlling

A wife who controls you will never let you be, she won’t give you breathing space. You can’t even mingle with your family members and friends because she wants to order you around. If you are always under your wife’s watch it’s a big mess for you. You can’t have your freedom or space with that kind of woman around you.

5. She often ignores or gaslights you

If you have found yourself in such a situation where your wife always gaslights you with words like it never occurred, I couldn’t have done that, that’s a lie, etc. This is a sign she is pretending not to be aware of the fact that such a thing happened.

Proven Tips on how to deal with a crazy wife

1. Do Not Tell Them that They Are Crazy

If you have finally concluded from her actions she is crazy don’t tell her to her face. You will only worsen the present situation.

Rather than bashing her with the fact that she’s crazy, speak to her kindly. You are supposed to help her come out of such an attitude and not castigate her.

2. Commit to making the relationship the best it can be

Commitment is a great deal when it comes to marriage. I know it might be pretty difficult to deal with such a situation. But that’s marriage anyways if there are no problems you won’t know the strength of your love for each other. If you disagree to agree, keep fighting for your relationship to work. Make it the best as long as it’s worth fighting for.

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3. Figure out the root cause

Knowing the root cause of a problem goes a long way to solve it. Effective communication promotes healthy marriage. If you guys have a constructive conversation It will be easier to figure out why she nags often, complains, feels insecure, or try to boss you around.

4. Don’t indulge in self-pity

Don’t be too hard on yourself because your wife is acting crazy. It’s normal to feel sad and bittered when your wife uses hurtful words against you. Don’t wallow in self-pity, you just have to learn how to deal with it.

5. Don’t run away

dont run away

At times you feel like running away from your problems but the truth is the more you run the more it hunts you. Don’t run away, instead think of how to deal with it. Every problem has a solution it all depends on how you want to go about it. Face it squarely.

6. Ask for respect and ye shall receive!

Sometimes it’s good we ask for what we desire. Yes, your wife might not treat you right and give you the due respect you want, but have you spoken to her about it? Instead of assuming she ought to know, why not tell her you do like to be treated with much respect?

7. Get professional help

When issues like this arise, it is necessary to seek professional help like getting a counselor. This will help patch up the broken pieces of your marriage and restore the lost joy in your home again. Just have a conversation with your wife and tell her the need to get one.

8. Think About What She is Crazy About

Have you ever sat down to think properly about what makes your wife act crazy? Sometimes our actions make our partners act the way they do without us knowing. Perhaps you come home late at night, you don’t pick up your calls when she calls you or you don’t give her attention. These attitudes that seem trivia could warrant her crazy attitude.

Think about it, you might be able to place your finger on what makes her behave crazily.

9. Do Not ward off in The Relationship

Most times when you have problems at home you might have the thought to ward them off. You feel like fading away to avoid being overwhelmed by the troubles. You might be bodily present but your mind is no more there. Perhaps you want to hang out with the boys and go on dates just to find comfort and peace outside.

If you find yourself in such a scenario try to adapt rather than ignoring. When you adopt you make efforts to resolve your differences but ignoring means you are pretending not to have problems.

Final piece

When you have a crazy wife you have to be opposite of her in other to make the home peaceful and comfortable. Try to compromise and adapt, that way you both can handle your problems. Don’t tag your wife to be a beast, show her care and attention, and do not love her less. The less you remind her of her flaws the easier it is for her to make amends.

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Originally posted 2022-12-28 03:35:11.

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