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Signs He is Afraid of Losing You!

Signs He is Afraid of Losing You!

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Signs He is Afraid of Losing You!

When it comes to relationships, men could be big babies. They could be softies, most especially if he truly loves them. He would be scared that one day he might lose you to whatever situation or circumstance. So he tries as much as possible to do everything not to lose you.

In this article, you would be seeing signs he doesn’t want to lose you. They could be both negative and positive signs he doesn’t want to lose and we would be seeing a few of them now.

A man that is in love would do anything to keep that love because in that love he has found solace, he has found a place to call home. No man on earth would want to lose his home.

Signs He is Afraid of Losing You!

1: He is Clingy:

This may be the most annoying feature of a man who is scared of losing you. When a man loves you he becomes extra clingy and always wants to be with you, he’d always want to be around you, would always want to cuddle with you and hold you. Always, every time he sees you. At that point you are his most priced possession and where a man’s treasure is, there also, his heart would be. No man would want to lose his treasure.

2: He tries his best please you: 

When he is afraid of losing you, he would always put you first, he would always put your feelings first, and your decisions first, put everything about you, he tries his best to please you, and makes sure you don’t make any effort in doing things for yourself. He’d rather do it for you himself. He takes care of the littlest things and even the biggest things so you don’t have to worry.

3: He is Overprotective:

He wouldn’t want anything to happen to you, he wouldn’t let the slightest harm come to you. He’d make sure to guide you and protect you to the his best capacity. He’d subconsciously and consciously. He’d make sure that other guys don’t pry into your relationship or talk down on you.

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4: He is Possessive:

When he loves you that much, and he becomes afraid of losing you, his possessiveness tends to bulge. He might become extremely dominant and tries as much as possible to fight off other guys that could have the slightest interest in you. This might be both negative and positive depending on the situation. But it’s mostly negative.

5: He is Obsessive:

When he is afraid to lose you he’d go to any length to keep you, even if it means kidnapping you, locking you up in a room till you agree never to leave him. This is the scariest part because when a man is obsessed with you he is not just scared to lose you, but he is not scared to put a scar on you. That is what obsession does.

6: He easily gets Jealous:

When he doesn’t want to lose you, the little less attention you give to him sparks up a high rate of jealousy. He starts to think about what must be taking so much of your time if not him. He wants you all to himself and doesn’t want to share. When it comes to you, he is selfish. He wants all your time and attention, so a little less attention can spark up a high rate of jealousy. Jealousy of that thing that’s taking your time.

7: He is insecure:

Insecurities set in when he feels he is not enough for you and feels he should do more for you. He begins to see more of his flaws and for your sake he tries to fix them, just to be better for you.   But still, he feels it’s not enough. This, therefore, affects his emotional and mental health. When a man feels he can’t do much for you or the fact that you might leave him one day starts to stir in his heart, he becomes heartbroken, just by that thought.  This can both be negative and positive for the relationship but it all depends on the situation at hand.

8: He could use emotional blackmail/manipulation:

When a man feels like you are slipping off his hands he uses this means to get you back and that is making you feel guilty and indebted to him that you wouldn’t have a reason to want to leave him and even though you have a reason, he’d make you think his reason is better than yours, that way you’d have no other choice but to stay. Whether out of pity or love, either way, he got you to stay. This is one of the negative points.

NOTE: The Stockholm Syndrome can also be of use when it comes to emotional blackmail/manipulation. Stockholm syndrome is a coping mechanism for a captive or abusive situation. People develop positive feelings toward their captors or abusers over time. This condition applies to situations including child abuse, coach-athlete abuse, relationship abuse, and sex trafficking. The most obsessive and possessive ones use this the most. If it gets to this point, get help. Try as much as you can.

So whether positive or negative choices or ways to make you stay bare one thing in mind he loves you and he is just afraid of losing you that’s why he is acting up.


There are more signs to show that he is afraid of losing you, but these are the most prominent. He loves you too much to let you go and he does everything to make sure he never loses you. If the burden becomes too much for you to bare seek professional help. You both can do a couples session with your relationship coach, counselor, or therapist. Also, be supportive of him, reassure him, and make sure you are there so you don’t spark the negative part of loving too much.

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