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Emotional manipulation is one of the most dangerous weapons used by anyone on anyone. It is a weapon that always appeals negatively to one’s emotions. Therefore rendering one either powerless or useless.

Many people use emotional manipulation for many things: for fun, to gain something to spite someone, or to weaken someone to complete a particular mission. It’s more of a mind game but more profound. This is mainly done face-to-face between two or more people. One example of emotional manipulation is Stockholm Syndrome.

What is Emotional Manipulation?

Emotional manipulation is behavior that intends to emotionally exploit, control, or influence someone for an advantage. In a relationship, emotional manipulation may be the only form of abuse present, or it may take place alongside other types of abuse, including physical, psychological, or spiritual…


1: Guilt tripping:

When someone wants to get something out of you, he makes you feel guilty for the slightest mistake you have made. He takes the whole situation overboard and makes you think it’s your fault. This person could use reverse psychology to spice it up a little. It works every time, and people know it.

2: Projections:

This is mostly in relationships. When one takes an attribute of themselves or an ex’s attribute into their current relationships to get something out of their current partners. This is also used when someone has come out of a horrible relationship. The person, therefore, brings such traits into the new relationship. This is one tool used for emotional manipulation that not many people take note of, and people who use it use it to the best of their capacity.

3: Using Your Insecurities against you:

This person knows your weakness and could use it both subtly and harshly. This person knows your Insecurities and uses them to his advantage. He could also use them to get out of trouble. This works like a new lighter. Sometimes, they tell you it’s for your own good.

4: Selfishness/Self-centeredness:

This person makes everything about themselves. They make you feel like you are not doing enough for them by using the “You can’t do this for me, but you claim to love me or care about me” line. You may not know it, but this person is tricking You into believing you’re not doing enough. A family, friend, or person could do this. Even your best friend, or your wife or husband. Your girlfriend or boyfriend. Humans can be selfish, but emotional manipulation is a powerful tool.

5: Blackmail:


This is the most powerful tool. This compels one to do one’s will, whether you like it or not. This is facing you head-on without fearing what you might think of them. They use this for their gain. For example, One could tell you to do something and that if you don’t, they will reveal your secret. This tool is used by close friends, best friends, partners, or worse, family! This way, you are forced to do whatever it takes.

What does emotional manipulation do to you?

If you start to see yourself experiencing one of these, then you are under emotional blackmail.

1: You begin to doubt yourself:

When one is emotionally manipulated, one tends to doubt one’s entire existence. One begins to doubt himself and sometimes begins to lose confidence in himself. You slowly lose yourself in that world of doubt until you completely bend to what that person wants you to be.

2: You are compelled to lose relationships:

Emotional manipulation makes you feel you’re not enough for everyone and that you are better off alone, so you tend to cut off relationships with people. Even the most essential people in your life, and then clinging to that one person that makes you feel less of yourself

3: You always want to get the tiniest bit of compliment from that person manipulating you:

When you are being emotionally manipulated, it becomes a thing of the mind and affects your mental health. Because you always want to seek approval from that person. You would always want to get a positive response from that person. This can only work when you love that person or the most crucial person in your life. It may be your Father or your mother

4:  You begin to question reality: Emotional manipulators make you feel stupid and don’t know what you are doing. They always make you think you are not thinking straight and making wrong decisions. They could make you think Blue is turquoise. Then, you begin to ask yourself meaningless questions. This could also affect your mental state, and you could lose your mind.


Emotional manipulation can be very scary if it gets to the extreme, and most people don’t mind how far it goes as long as they get what they want. This is usually one of the most dangerous things on earth because lots of people have gone mad or died because of emotional manipulation. One could think of suicide if one’s emotional state is not strong enough to withstand such criticism.

So if you ever find yourself in the strong jaws of emotional manipulation, please do well to consult a therapist. Therapists are emotional manipulators themselves, so they know how it works. Thankfully, they use it positively, so you have no problem telling them about your problems. Secondly, you can also try to face the problem head-on. Do not let anyone take your sanity from you. It would be best if you fought to get it back.


Emotional manipulation could be deadly, but it doesn’t mean it could cause your death. You are not stupid, and neither are you not thinking well. You are perfectly normal; nothing is wrong with you. What you saw is the truth, what you know is the truth. You can get a grip on your emotional and mental health. All you need to do is build it. Consult a therapist for further solutions and counseling.

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Originally posted 2022-12-09 22:16:41.

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