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Signs You are Falling in Love Too Soon

Signs You are Falling in Love Too Soon

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Signs You are Falling in Love Too Soon

Love can throw you off track you do things contrary to what you have in mind. Falling in love too soon can be interesting and the same time scary. Most times these feelings are based on fantasies not reality, you might end up chasing your partner away. But when reality comes in, you discover what you thought was love was not really true love.

love blows like the wind when it blows in your direction you feel it and naturally, you would want to act on it immediately. Those butterflies in your tummy, the emotional effects it has on you. If you remember the last time you fell in love, how you had so many thoughts coming into your mind. The beautiful thoughts of having a home with this person, making babies, going on dates, etc.

You might be wondering if you are really in love with this person or if you have fallen too quickly, well not worry I have a detailed explanation of signs you have fallen in love too soon.

Signs You are Falling in Love Too Soon

1. Moving Too Quickly

Having plans of moving in with your partner or discussing plans of building a home at the early stage of a relationship is a red flag. Discussing your future at this stage is very risky, you are just getting to know each other. The outcome of your relationship will determine if you will be compatible to live together.

2. Falling into the Same Old Patterns

If you fall into the same patterns or mistakes you made in your past relationship that’s equally a sign. When you are always dating the same set of people whom you never had a real relationship with then it’s bound to fail.

Although it can be very easy to fall for something that seems very familiar. However if your past relationship did have a good outcome, try to discover what caused the breakup. Go for something new and different from the previous ones.

3. Fulfilling Unmet Needs

A psychologist once said the reason you fall in love too soon is that you might be at risk of falling in love too soon.  Perhaps you might be trying to avoid insecurity, get over your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, and loneliness, and clear your mind from memories. It could also be to settle your needs that have not been met. In the quest of achieving this, you see yourself falling too quickly.

4. Early intimacy

When you start having a physical connection in a relationship it usually alters the bond with your S. O. Oxytocin a bonding chemical is released during sex, this can make you feel a deeper connection than the relationship seems. You have stronger emotions way more than what you should have based on the relationship. You should stick to the relationship until the natural bond forms on its own before being physical.

5. Ignoring Warning Behaviors

Many times a major sign you are falling too soon is when you ignore the red flags. Even if it’s not physical abuse you shouldn’t overlook warning signs. You might be abused emotionally too. Any Behavior that puts you or the relationship at risk isn’t worth it. Don’t be convinced the person will change, that may just be a dream that may never come through.

6. Losing Yourself

Giving your partner your everything. You build your life around them, to the point you lose yourself. If you are losing yourself, giving up everything you believe in, your career, and your likes just for them you have fallen too quickly.

Thinking of engaging them in every single thing you do, shows you are moving way faster than the relationship. So avoid giving up your friends, activities, and fun life. Have a life of your own you can be proud of.

7. Making them Responsible

Trying to make them responsible to soothe you indicates you are falling too fast. Your partner can’t make you happy as as you would for yourself. If you depend on your partner for your happiness, achievement, success, etc you might get disappointed. But a relationship feels safer and healthier when you are responsible for your happiness and achievement.

8. You’re intensely curious about them.

Another obvious sign is being overly curious about them. Once you are gradually falling in love you naturally want to know more about them. You develop an intense interest to know everything about them.

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9. You forget your other priorities.

Some get overwhelmed immediately after they start a romantic relationship. They tend to abandon what they prioritize before. If you find yourself craving to spend more time with your new lover, excluding your friends and other things, this is a telltale sign.

10. You believe things will last forever.

Are you already having the happily ever after feelings, then this might be it, you have fallen quickly? Love can make you feel and believe this is the right one, even if it seems fake. Your instincts tell you everything you share is real. In your own belief, the fairytale love story will last for eternity.

11. They’re always in your thoughts.

This sounds weird but it usually occurs when you are already falling in love. You know this if the person’s thoughts are always in your mind. You might think of the last conversation you had with them or events you attended together. It is your imagination about the future for you guys, and what it’s going to be like staying together.

12. You crave sex.

Love increases your urge for sex, this is why it’s called the honeymoon stage. Dopamine and the sex hormones stimulate this feeling. You yearn to have s3x anytime or anywhere with this person not minding what surrounds you.  Most times anyone who has spontaneous sex has fallen too fast.

13. You’re more affectionate.

The love hormone “oxytocin” stimulates a bonding feeling. Your affection tends to increase when it’s secreted. If you are becoming more affectionate about this person, sincerely you are into them already.

14. You daydream.

A new relationship can control your thoughts. You see yourself imagining the future and what you would do together. Love creates a feeling of mutual closeness or emotions. This emotion initiates sexual involvement which could lead to a deeper bond.

15. You’re ignoring other attractive people.

A very clear sign you are in total and too soon is if you ignore looking out for other people. Have you lost your sense of searching for other buggies? Truly you have fallen. Love will make you ignore other attractive people who might be better off.


Love is true when it’s not selfish and threatening. If it does otherwise then it isn’t love. It’s good to be in love and find that special someone who loves back. Love is patient, it shouldn’t be rushed. When you quickly fall in love you might miss the early events that take place in a new relationship. This could make your relationship crumble.

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Originally posted 2023-02-28 10:40:28.

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