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Why Do I Still Feel Connected to My Ex?

Why Do I Still Feel Connected to My Ex?

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Why Do I Still Feel Connected to My Ex?

Love is a beautiful feeling and experience everyone wishes to have. Most people never forget their first love because it was their first experience. But to be frank we never really forget our exes. Whether it ended well or not, you just have the memories of the events that took place while you were still together.

If what you guys had was real it will be very difficult to break such a bond. Some couples share a special bond with their spouses, while others may not have such a unique bond.

Some bonds are just practical while others have a spiritual connection. So if you are wondering why you are still not over your ex, in this article you will discover why you still feel attached to your ex.

Reasons why you still feel connected to your Ex

1. You are a twin flame

A twin flame is a rare bond you have with someone, it’s like a kindred spirit connecting you both. Some bonds feel stronger irrespective of the duration spent.

You might date someone for some years and when you guys break up, it’s easier to let go without feeling the impact. Another case might be that you dated someone for a couple of months, but love got the best part of you, and leaving this person feels like your life can never be better with another.

This kind of deep relationship with the such a bond  is known as the twin flame. There’s more to these intense feeling than it seems. In a real sense, there might be a spiritual undertone.

2. You are grieving

Grief causes a lot of pain sometimes it becomes extreme leading to a traumatic experience. Emotional pain can make you feel you can’t survive without that person. Life seems meaningless in this person’s absence.

It gives a feeling of loss, you imagine something so precious to you was lost. If this feeling continues you will find it difficult to let go. That connection with your ex would still be there because you are still pained.

3. You’re still in contact

This one is clear, if you guys are still communicating you will always feel connected to him. There’s still a part of you that desires him/her. There’s nothing wrong to be friends with your ex but in such friendship, there should be boundaries. Have it in mind you are no longer dating.

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4. You don’t want to let go

When you feel stuck and refuse to move on even after the breakup, you’re bound to keep having your thoughts at heart. It’s quite difficult to let go after a breakup. When we complain of not being able to get over our ex, most times we are the cause because we practically hold on to the past.

So consciously and unconsciously we keep thinking of our ex and wishing we will get back together. If you refuse to accept the reality of your break up you will end up emotionally battered.

5. You share intimate memories

Beautiful memories come to our mind from time to time, the memories we share with loved ones are always part of us. We hold on to this memory in our hearts, this reminds us of our loved ones and the intimacy you shared.

Those beautiful moments we shared are engraved within. It was a moment of vulnerability and you were so attached to your partner.

6. It’s only been a couple of months

It takes time to heal from a breakup, for some they heal fast while others take longer. Research has shown that the healing process takes an average of six months. So if you just broke up some months back you will still feel connected, because you haven’t healed completely.

Don’t be hard on yourself, give yourself time to heal and let go of the pains rather than holding on to your grief and frustration.

7. You’re not allowing yourself to open up to someone else

Another reason is not allowing yourself to love another person. You built your life around your ex, to a point where you can’t open up to someone else. Even when you meet a new person you are still tied to your ex. One of the ways of letting go is giving room to other people you meet. Give yourself a chance to love again and stop turning down every opportunity to mingle. If you are still hoping your ex will come back you might end up getting your hopes up.

8. You keep talking about them

Have you ever noticed you keep mentioning your ex’s name unconsciously? You might be having a conversation with someone and out of the blue you say something about them. This act will make you have thoughts of them frequently, making you feel connected even while you are no more together.

However, self-discipline will help you checkmate how you talk about your ex. Avoid conversation that concerns them it’s important for the healing. Although it’s natural to talk about your ex once in a while since you both have lots of memories, but if it becomes frequent then it’s a good reason.

9. You feel lonely

Loneliness can make you miss your ex. When you are used to texting or chatting with someone, it becomes frustrating not having somebody to talk to and share your daily experiences with. This will prompt you to reminisce on those wonderful moments and you begin to miss them too. Their thoughts keep coming because they are lonely and they have no one to talk to.

Being lonely can lead to depression and frustration. Some take up drinking and smoking, just to help them forget their sorrowful moments.

10. You have lost your self-esteem

You may lose your self-esteem in the process, making you feel dating is not for you. You feel rejected as no one wants you. If this is your case you will battle with moving on a lot.

It might be hard for you to go into another relationship because you are scared you won’t be enough for your partner. Your sense of acceptance has been lost, so you cling to the connection you had with your ex for consolation.

11. You have a soulmate connection

A soulmate connection is a strong feeling between two couples. It’s a strong affinity that lasts for a long time. It doesn’t fade away so soon. We fall in love with different people, but we only have a soulmate connection with very few people. Soulmate connections are rare but note that they are not your only soulmate.

12. They can’t let you go

Your ex might be the reason you still have feelings of connection. This is beyond your control, they won’t let you go they keep hanging around you. They call, text, and check up on you always. This will light up feelings of connection, especially when you both have a twin flame. You can even sense when that person is thinking about you.


There are many reasons you still feel connected to your ex. If you feel this way and you want a better life, you need to learn to move on and let go of the past. Love yourself and prepare yourself for a better person, so you won’t take your broken pieces of unresolved issues into a new relationship.

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