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Signs he Pretends to Love You

Sign he pretends to Love You

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Signs he Pretends to Love You

Life in general is filled with scammers.

If you are on the winning end of the scam, you are happy. If you are on the losing end of the scam, you are sad.

This is human nature, because humans are like animals.

As such, it shouldn’t be far fetch that men, also scam women, that they love them, or in other words pretend to love them.

Signs he Pretends to Love You

1. Love Bomb

If it is too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

The above statement is a glaring sign that he pretends to love you.

In the beginning of your relationship he will pretend to love you by sending you lots of messages, in form of erotic love letters, or text messages, to arouse your love for him.

Eventually, all that will fizzle out and he will reveal his true color, and that is the beast within, you will be totally, dismayed and afraid.

This is what relationship experts call love bombing. And ladies who have experience this, are left questioning their sanity, in the quick change of self of the person, they thought they were in to.

This is because such ladies, are drug addicts, they have become, addicted to the love bomb, and when the love bomb (drug), ceases to come, they start showing signs of withdrawal symptoms.

Love bombed ladies, should be treated as drug addicts, because they have falling to the trap of emotional blackmail.

2. Taking you for granted

When a man takes you for granted, this can be a tell tale sign that, he pretends to love you.

Because few humans create time for what they find important in their lives. You are not a pet or toy, that should be objectified.

Since the two of you are responsible adults, it is important that you guys, come together to create.

3. Secret Relationship

A man that keeps your relationship with himself, private, is pretending to love you.

This might be because he might not feel proud, walking around with you, in public, or doesn’t want to be seen around you.

As such, you might have to cut ties with him to cut your loses. If not,

4. Loves the cookie jar (Fuckboy)

Humans are self fish creatures, and will use and abuse you, if you give them the chance. This is human nature because humans are all animals.

As such, he might pretend to love you, so he can get access to your undies, and fulfil his sexual fantasies.

Therefore, avoid these type of people as they have nothing to offer you except, emotional pain.

5. Too Extremely private with Things

Another glaring reason he pretends to love you, is that he keeps some of his things extremely private, like his phone.

Privacy should be respected, but when he starts been extremely private, you should know there is something amiss.

He shouldn’t have problem unlocking his phone, and allowing you browse through the contents, once in a while, if he has nothing to hide.

6. Too private with Family

When he is too private with his family members, you should know that he pretends to love you.

Men eventually, introduce their partners to their family members, if they truly feel attached to them.

But these days, you have

7. Gaslighting

Gaslighting is the ability to manipulate (someone) using psychological methods into questioning their own sanity or powers of reasoning.

Gaslighters are hard to spot for the naïve, but for the seasoned they become apparent.

Avoid dealing with gaslighters, because they will use psychological manipulation, to destroy your happiness and joy.

8. Diverts Important Questions

Another telling sign that he pretends to love you is the fact that he diverts important questions, when asked.

These people feel they are untouchable, and too wise.

To remedy this situation, you should be firm and direct and ask him why he is bullshiting.

9. Your Instincts

The final reason he pretends to love you is when your instincts tells you.

Humans are complex creatures, especially, our brains and minds.

As such, these live saving organs (brains), might see patterns in the environment, and send these signals to our minds, to warn us of impending doom.

This is more apparent in animals, who can sense danger far ahead of human.

Humans have become desensitized to this form of reasoning, as such, have become dull, to the chaotic ongoings of daily live.

But like our primitive ancestors, you should trust your instincts sometimes, because you are a complex individual.


Mistaken signs

Sometimes, women mistake these signs as if the man doesn’t love them. This can actually be false.

Having another girlfriend

Men are by nature polygamous. I hate to break it to ladies, that is why a man produces millions of sperm cells, from his balls sac.

As such, he is responsible for ensuring the survival of a specie from a biological standpoint. Or in other words, he is responsible for procreating or sleeping with all the available females around, to ensure his genes doesn’t go extinct.

The best way to grasp this concept, will be to use this analogy. When you have a farm, you plant seeds everywhere on the farm, to ensure maximum yield.

What makes you think the same is not done in nature?

Backtracking to this scenario. A man can actually have two girlfriends which he loves equally, be same can’t be said of women.

In some cultures, women are seen as the pillars of a house, and the more wives a man gets, the more solid and sure his foundation will be.

This is why, most traditional polygamous families, rarely produce wayward children, in these cultures, because there is enough disciplinarians available to reactivate their common sense, with scolding or lashes, in the advent they erred.

Not commiting to Relationship (Marriage)

Women have a biological clock, men have a business clock.

Whereas a woman thinks she is getting older, and might reach menopause. A man is thinking of putting his finances in order.

Which house will I buy? How will I take care of the kids, etc.

These are questions that go through the mind of a man.

As such, a man that has yet to achieve the goals he has set out for himself, might feel like a failure, and might decide to not commit to a woman, because he feels he isn’t worthy enough to take care of that woman.

Women need to understand this, about men, and not get it twisted.

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