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How To Get Him Back After Pushing Him Away

How To Get Him Back After Pushing Him Away

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How To Get Him Back After Pushing Him Away

Most time we tend to take what we have for granted, we don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it. However, if you find yourself pushing a guy away and wanting him back, don’t give lose hope. Pushing your ex away might not really be your fault, it might be their silly attitude that made you quit. But if you analyze it and discover it was your fault then it’s fine to woo him back.

If you are looking for ways to get the guy you have jilted back, below is an effective approach to get him back with ease.

How To Get Him Back After Pushing Him Away

1. Give him some space

This usually happens after calling off a relationship with a guy. When this occurs apologize to him for breaking up with him and rendering him emotionally imbalanced. Once you have apologized sincerely and he refused to accept your apology or you, give him space don’t force him.

The craziest thing to do in such a situation is to put him under pressure, calling him, texting, and visiting him often won’t make him forgive you. Give them space to reflect on what has happened and for them to heal. Space and time are needed for emotional healing.

2. Let go of jealousy

Jealousy kills a beautiful relationship. Perhaps you were a jealous partner this must have pushed him away.

Were you being possessive, commanding, or dictating for him in front of his friends? Do you tell him who to visit and places to hang out? He would have gotten so tired of you bossing him around.

3. Meet up

Try going out with him. Fix a date to meet up with each other to catch up. It’s a way to bond and rekindle the love you once shared. Be calm and friendly as possible, don’t try apologizing to him yet, just enjoy the fun and outing as good old friends.

4. Be a flirt

One cool and easy way to get him back is by flirting with him a bit. Most people love to be flattered, this is a good attractive signal.

Immediately you start communicating with your ex make sure you compliment him a lot. That compliment will make him feel important, and make him feel you still find him attractive. Let him know you admire and appreciate who he is.

5. Celebrate together

Celebrate the moment together, and rekindle your bond and love. If you have been through all the difficult times take time to celebrate together. Despite the stormy weather you guys conquered and made it through. Like they say a calm sea has never made a skilled sailor!

You can now do something nice to mark your new beginning together. Go to a nice place and infuse something.

This could be just an ambition to prove to yourself that anyone can come back to you, even if you dumped them. You may not do it on purpose either, it just happens sometimes and it’s proof of our insecurity. The whole idea here is that you probably broke up with him for a reason, right? Think very hard and establish whether or not that reason was so bad that it might affect your possible future relationship again.

6. Compromise.

Every relationship requires sacrifices to make it work. We compromise sometimes to get the desired results. In compromising you have to be sure it’s worth it, don’t indulge in something that you will end up regretting. If there’s something you aren’t okay with instead of nagging about it, let him know exactly why you are against it. If you want him back and you Complain about something he isn’t doing right, he might give up on you.

7. Avoid having sex too soon.

Now, this is where most ladies make mistakes. Once they want to get a guy back they immediately seduce him to have sex with him. In their idea, they feel it’s a quicker way to make him accept them back. Sex never draws you closer to a man or makes him desire you if he doesn’t want to. If he doesn’t love you or want you back no matter the kind of sex you give him, it won’t change his opinion about you.

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No reasonable guy would want to rekindle a relationship with a girl who does not love herself. A happy woman attracts a man, your charisma will get him glued to you. Happiness is a magical attractive signal. If you were always sad before, try to change and love yourself, so that your happiness will radiate the love in you.

9. Converse.

The way you communicate and express yourself is very important. Communicating with your ex is necessary but there should be restrictions and caution. Don’t make the mistake of raising issues that caused quarrels in the past. Enjoy the conversation, and make the best out of it. Avoid accusing him or pushing blame if you want him to take you back for good.

10. Learn what pushes guys away

Perhaps you were the one that pushed him away and he broke up with you, try to know what exactly you did.

However, if you didn’t push away on purpose, you can find out what pushes men away. That way you can avoid repeating the same mistakes.

11. Give it time

Give it time for things to fall into place, don’t rush things just to get him back. You need time to get what you want, because obviously after giving him a tough time you don’t expect him to accept you so soon.

It takes time to rebuild a broken relationship and gain trust back. If he isn’t ready to have you back or talk to you let it be.

12. Show him your growth

Improve yourself and show him what you have become after the breakup. If you have changed positively and there’s a remarkable and noticeable change flaunt it for him to see. Once he sees your growth and how far you have gone, he would be curious to know more and have you around. If you are now caring, independent, supportive, and smart he will rethink taking you back.


While you work your way towards getting your ex back after pushing him away, you have to think of what caused the breakup. When you identify the root cause you are one step ahead in achieving your aim. Do what is right, get help from his friends if you have to, but make sure your ex is worth the struggle.

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