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10 Open marriage Rules to Live Healthy

Open marriage Rules

Marriage & Divorce

10 Open marriage Rules to Live Healthy

What is an Open Marriage?

Open marriage relationship means having more than one relationship even while married. Both partners agree to this term, it’s non-monogamous. The couple agrees to have a sexual relationship outside their marriage.

To some people having a monogamous relationship is a safer and better way of expressing love. A monogamous relationship creates room for fidelity and trust.

Although many people frown against this, some people enjoy an open marriage relationship without having issues. An open marriage relationship is the most popular non-monogamous relationship that is easier to establish. The reason is both parties are aware of their plans, so no one gets hurt in the process.

Research has proven the authenticity of open marriage relationships since the 1980s, and the outcome has been somewhat amazing. It was discovered that those in an open marriage relationship are not really exposed to danger, as long as their basic needs are met. If you are having the intention to be in such a relationship, you must discuss this with your partner. Having proper communication is key when you want to engage in a such affair.

Most couples have been able to discover a way to have a healthy open relationship. The most important factor here is keeping boundaries and communicating always.

Apparently, monogamy has dominated the world generally and the majority embrace it as a healthier form of relationship. Although some people are beginning to adopt open relationships as an alternative to a relationship mostly for traditional couples.

However, it doesn’t mean diverting from what is trending would deny you the love and intimacy you desire. This form of relationship has more rules in other to keep both parties happy. It has different rules which you must maintain and it works if there is trust and openness.

Open Marriage Rules

If you have made up your mind to have an open marriage relationship, you need to talk with your partner about boundaries and security issues, and how to deal with issues when they occur.

These rules will help keep the relationship in check to avoid hurting the other party or making them regret the relationship. Keep reading while you discover these rules

Fundamental healthy open marriage relationship rules.

1. Set Sexual Boundaries

Sexual boundaries are necessary for an Open relationship. You should discuss the kind of sex styles you want. Be specific about what you want, there is no need to be shy about it. If you have this conversation it erases some unexpected issues. It also entails letting your partner know the kind of sex practice to engage in, including where and with who. You may also include the type of protection needed and when it should be used.

2. Set Emotional Boundaries

Open marriage is not about having sex alone there’re other things involved which include your emotions. It might be alright for you guys to have the usual hook-up, but what if at a point one party gets emotional and desires more? Emotional boundaries are even more important than sex boundaries. If one party develops feelings it will cause heartbreak and missed feelings.

3. About Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping arrangements are also necessary, you guys might want to discuss how and where you would sleep. It is necessary mostly when you have kids and you do not want them to know the nature of your relationship.

It is essential to know where you guys will be sleeping at a given time. Both of you must be on the same page as regards this and your partner should be comfortable with your arrangements.

4. Be Flexible And Open To Changes

Be Flexible And Open To Changes

For such a relationship, it takes time to adapt to changes that will occur. So figure out what will work best for you, since you are to decide on your choice. Flexibility and openness should be practiced here. You have to be flexible to the changes that may arise in the process so you both can cohabit together. With this, you can establish a healthy relationship.

5. What you say About Your Partnership

The things say about your relationship and partner should be taken seriously. Both of you must agree on the same terms. You should know what you want to hear or say. Both of you should discuss this before your marriage. The rules for your relationship should be convenient for you two.

6.  Have Scheduled Check-Ins

A regular check or review should be done on the relationships. Look into the rules and demands if it’s still convenient for you both. Sometimes what seems easy becomes challenging at a point. Always review your marriage to check what’s working or the rules that require Change. This is what you should do regularly and not only at the start of the relationship. This will help eradicate unnecessary troubles that may ruin the relationship.

7. Be Honest And Communicative

If you have sighed up for this kind of relationship you have to be honest and communicate often and properly.

Sincerity, openness, and proper communication are very necessary to keep it healthy. Handle issues maturely when they come up, “Don’t sweep and keep dirt’s under the rug”

8. Talk About Protection

Since you both have other sexual partners you should talk about protection and take it seriously. Discuss how you would protect yourself from Infections, diseases, and birth control. You can also decide to go for a routine check-up for STDs. This is important to ensure that you guys stay fit, your health is very important too.

9. Remain Flexible

There should be a level of freedom even with the rules. Your relationship shouldn’t be too rigid or complicated. Rules are a way of ensuring emotional alignment while establishing a foundation for exploring more freely,” says Patricia.

However you should know that things change as well as people, so there should be room for adjustment. Adjust the rules accordingly. “Don’t complicate things more than you have to,” says Judith.

Learn to understand people and their feelings, and don’t complicate issues because you want things to be done your way. Besides no one is perfect. Rules are good but there should be moderation times. “Be forgiving,” says Judith. Learn to forgive and be willing to adjust when necessary.

10. Do not treat your other partners as less important.

In the world of non-monogamous relationships, there is a primary partner and a secondary partner. You may be legally married to the primary partner and also have kids and probably shared responsibility in the home. This doesn’t authorize you to treat the secondary partner as less important in your life. Don’t deny them the respect, care, and affection they desire from you. Besides you chose to be with them so treat them right too.


Open marriage relationships are practiced globally and it’s acceptable based on your religion and belief. If your culture, tradition, or religion permits it then is fine. But most importantly the two parties involved must agree to this form of relationship so that the other party won’t feel cheated and get hurt. These rules are meant to keep your relationship in check.

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