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Things You Must Never Tolerate In a Relationship

Things You Must Never Tolerate In a Relationship

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Things You Must Never Tolerate In a Relationship

A relationship is like a blank sheet till one writes on it, and whatever you write on that blank sheet determines the outcome of your relationship. A relationship is meant to thrive with both parties involved, and to keep a boat sailing, the captain and the sailor must agree. A relationship is like a ship involving the teamwork of two people. So if both parties are involved there are things you must never tolerate in your relationship with your special someone.

There are a lot of things you must never tolerate in a relationship but I’m this article we would be talking about two of the most important things that you must never tolerate in a relationship.



A relationship would surely have its up and downs but of course, you’d still have your bed of roses. Your relationship can be bliss if both parties are on the same track. If your partner always tends to make you look stupid, or negative about every idea you bring to the table, or always talks down on you, you must not tolerate that;  and this goes both ways if your female partner or male partner seems to have this trait, and you see the red flag, you must stand your ground immediately.

Always remember that you are both in a relationship and not in a business where there is a boss and a worker. At this point you are both partners and could share equal ideas and thoughts so never let your partner talk down on you, reduce your self-esteem tell you that you are never enough, you must not tolerate it. Never let your partner hit you, that would just give room to toxicity which is not healthy for you and your mental health.

Never tolerate toxic jokes, toxic statements, or speeches that could affect your mental health. Toxic relationships don’t last but during that short period, a lot of damage would have been done. So never give room for negative vibes or toxicity because in the end you lose.

Don’t tolerate any controlling behavioral attitude from your partner, that would only give room for toxicity. A lot of relationships suffer out there because one things he should control the other, but a relationship is where there should be an establishment of equality, if that is not established then it should not be tolerated. Never give room for abuse verbally, physically or mentally.

Don’t give room for body shaming, or anything of sort. Don’t just he blinded by love, you must also learn to take a stand. That way you gain respect. If you tolerate any of these you end up losing on both sides and more importantly you end up losing yourself. So in your relationship never give room for negativity and toxicity.



As much as this falls under the negativity and toxicity colon it must also be seen differently. A lot of relationships out there have been built on lies, a lot of relationships have broken because it’s foundation rested on lies. If you ever notice you have a lying partner, never be quiet about it. Speak up, don’t keep it to yourself.

If you ever notice your partner cooks up excuses you shouldn’t always be blinded by your love and trust for him, you must face that problem head on and solve it. Dishonesty is one major thing that has ruined relationships so you must not tolerate it.

Every relationship built on such dishonesty is not a relationship but a lie, a work of fiction and something in your imagination. If your partner truly loves you, he or she would never hesitate to tell you the truth. Dishonesty becomes more than just a bad character but a plague in a relationship if frequently used. Never tolerate a dose of dishonesty for it is not a drug but a virus. A virus that kills every good thing in it’s path, including the bliss of that relationship. Never try to make up excuses for your lying partner, don’t be blinded by love or trust. Because at the end of the day you lose.


How do you stand your ground;


Why are you in that relationship, are you just there to gain something or to build a future with that special someone? If it is the latter then you must work with it. If you are building a future with that person, let your yes be yes and your no be no. Don’t forget to dot the I’s and stroke the t’s. Ask questions when necessary and demand honest answers


This may not be entirely necessary, but it is. The help of a good relationship coach would come in handy in times like this. The only reason you might need to get a relationship coach is part of getting your facts right. This might help you make the right decision


If it becomes to unbearable and intolerable, kindly leave the relationship. Sometimes you need to let love lead and that love must start from yourself before the transition to the next person. Before channeling your love to the wrong dam, take your leave. Don’t stay in a relationship where you are not happy and just working with whatever comes your way. You are bigger and better than that. If you can’t tolerate much longer, for the sake of your sanity…. Leave!


A relationship is a bed of roses, but once you jump on that bed, take note of the roses that fall and place them back, take note of the wrinkled roses and straighten them out and don’t forget the roses you wanted to add to that bed because when you do, you lose your relationship. In literal sense, no matter how blissful and sweet that relationship might be, remember there are some steps you must take to push that relationship forward and what determines that is what you tolerate and what you don’t tolerate. Think about it!


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