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Signs Your Guy Friend is Falling For You

Signs Your Guy Friend is Falling For You

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Signs Your Guy Friend is Falling For You

It’s natural to wonder if a guy friend has romantic feelings for you, especially if you are interested in him. It’s not uncommon for people to develop feelings of love or affection for their friends, and this can be true for close friendships between men and women.

So if you are wondering whether your guy friend is falling for you or not, you must go through this article for you to be sure you are not imagining things.

Signs Your Guy Friend is Falling For You

Here are some signs that a guy friend may have feelings of love for you:

1. He talks about you a lot and often brings you up in conversation.

The feeling of love comes unexpectedly. You might not even know when, how, and why you are falling for them. Unknowingly the feeling is already there and growing. When your guy friend is falling for you he would always talks about you, or mention you in a conversation. This is something he does regularly, he might not even know he does it often.

2. He makes an effort to spend time with you and is always available when you need him.

Being available whenever you need him around it’s one of the sure signs too. It’s not all friends that makes out time for you when you need them. A guy who likes you will make effort to spend quality time with you.

3. He goes out of his way to do things for you and make you happy.

Making you happy will be his priority. He doesn’t care what it will cost him, he is ready to go out of his way to make you happy. He would fix dates, buy your favorite chocolate, and help you do your stuff is just to please you.

4. He gets jealous or possessive when you are around other guys.

Jealousy is a common attitude in a man who likes you. Once you notice signs of jealousy each time you are around other guys, it only points to one thing he is falling in love with you. He might even frown at you if you are having a conversation with other guys.

5. He makes physical contact with you, such as touching your arm or holding your hand.

You might notice he tries to get physical with you. Touching your arm, holding your hands, and moving some parts of your hair is part of the signs he is into you.

6. He confides in you and shares his feelings and personal thoughts with you.

Have you ever been with a guy who shares his feelings with you or confides in you? It clearly states he likes you because men usually keep to themselves. They only share their feelings or confide in someone they like and trust. So if he confides in you then he likes and trusts you.

7. He makes an effort to impress you or show off his achievements.

Guys are usually filled with their ego. They normally love to show off what they are good at and their achievement especially to the woman they are attracted to. You might be surprised when your guy friend begins to impress you and show off his achievement. Well he’s just giving you a clue of his feelings for you.

8.He remembers important details about your life and ask about your day.

If he cares for you, remembers important events, or details about your life like your birthday, events at work etc these are signs of a man who is gradually falling for you.

9.He treats you differently from other friends.

Does he treats you differently, do you feel special whenever you are with him? Men treat the women they are attracted to differently from the way they treat others.

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10.He makes an effort to spend time with you.

If there’s anything a guy friend who is falling for you will do it is making efforts to spend time with you. This is what he does intentionally. He feels special whenever he is around you. You know that butterfly feeling you have when you are with the one you love.

11.He talks about your future together.

Having an effective communication with a friend could help you spot if they have your interest at heart. So if your guy friend talks about your future with you, he certainly likes you. He might ask you questions about your career, ambition, your goals, family life etc. You can only do this for the person you love.

12.He opens up to you about his personal feelings and problems.

One of the things we are scared of is sharing our personal life or problems with people. Guys tend to hide their emotions and keep things to themselves. But if he is vulnerable with you, he shares his feelings, fears, problems etc it’s a sign of love.

13.He gets in touch just to see how you’re doing.

You notice this guy keeps calling just to know how you are doing. If he cares about your well-being, text you, calls you at intervals to be sure you are fine and not in any form of trouble he is gradually falling for you.

14.He gets upset when you’re upset or in a difficult situation.

Your pain is his pain, if you are worried or in tears, he gets worried too. If you are hurt or upset it affects him too. Apparently he gets involved in anything that concerns you, without thinking of the consequences.

15.He introduces you to his family and close friends..

When a guy is falling for you he would quickly introduce you to his friends and family. He is proud to show you off to them, reason be that he wants to get their approval about you and be sure they will accept you.

16.He talks about your relationship with other people.

This might sound normal but not everyone will be confident enough to tell others about your relationship. If he is constantly telling people about you, he tells them of what you guys are into, he adores and speaks good things about you, honestly he is happy with what you both share.

17.He doesn’t seem to be interested in dating other people.

Have you observed there’s is no other woman in his life? perhaps you are the only one he is hanging out with, and he has lost interest in dating other girls. Sincerely he has fallen for you and he wants to establish a unique relationship with you.

18. He brings you small gifts or treats just because he wants you to be happy and put a smile on your face. This shows he cares about your emotions.

Final thoughts

It’s important to keep in mind that these signs can also be present in friendships that are not romantic in nature. So it’s always a good idea to communicate with your friend about your feelings and boundaries.

Of course, these behaviors could also be signs of a close friendship, so it’s important to consider the context and the overall tone of the relationship. If you want to know for sure, it might be best to ask him directly.

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