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Signs Your Relationship is Failing ( Red Flags To Look Out For)

Signs Your Relationship is Failing

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Signs Your Relationship is Failing ( Red Flags To Look Out For)

A relationship entails a lot from those involved. There are requirements if you want a healthy relationship. A relationship is all about commitment, you just have to make a certain decision on the affairs of the relationship. At a point in your relationship, you might notice some lapses, inadequacies, and undue events occurring. These signs you see could be an indication your relationship is falling apart.

A relationship doesn’t start failing all of sudden. Series of misunderstandings, quarrels, arguments, lack of commitment, etc must have taken place.

The majority go into a relationship believing it will last long. When it seems it’s never going to work out as planned, it can be really painful. There are many reasons couples end up separating. Most couples end their relationship at some point but only a few have a lifetime relationship.

Sometimes we fall deeply in love with someone or develop a strong relationship like a marriage bond. Nevertheless, this relationship and marriage might collapse someday. No matter the depth of love you both feel, respect, and commitment, things might still turn against your expectations. It will be much more difficult to hold on to such a relationship that is already going sour.

Obvious signs of a failing relationship

1. You Don’t Spend Time Together

A rosy relationship is one where both parties spend quality time with each other. You go to parties, picnics, dates, movies, etc. If you are no longer going out and having fun together, you don’t spend time with each other anymore. This is not a good sign, it’s a red flag your relationship is tearing apart.

2. There is a complete lack of Affection

Love and affection initiate intimacy and build a strong bond. You know how things were when you just started dating, you couldn’t get enough of each other. But slowly you begin to lose interest in each other, and you don’t express or show love and affection. This is a clear sign your relationship is coming to an end.

3. Your Fuses Are Both So Short

If you genuinely love someone you would appreciate their good and bad sides. You will discover that their weaknesses make them unique. But when you don’t love someone you blow out on every flaw and mistake they make. Their odd character irritates you. According to Taibbi, you’ll find yourself arguing all the time over this small stuff and occasionally bigger stuff. It’s not fun, or charming, at all.

4. You’ve Exhausted Your Compromises

It is okay to argue and have little misunderstanding It sometimes occurs in a relationship. It becomes an issue when it is a regular occurrence. There are times when you need to bend your rules and compromise. Once you get to that point where you don’t feel the need to compromise anymore, it’s a sign the Relationship is over.

5. Your Self-Esteem Feels Affected

You might fight with each other as a result of criticism, lack of care, and fear of rejection. You are both weighed down instead of helping each other stand tall. This is not healthy for a good relationship. When it gets to this point discuss about it. But if they aren’t ready to turn in a new leave then it’s time to call it to quit.

6. One Or Both Of You Has An Escape Plan

Sometimes when there are constant unresolved issues in a relationship, you might be planning on how to take work without voicing it. You sure have a reason for that. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by these thoughts if it seems to be an escape route when we start feeling suffocated.  When these imaginations are consistent and you feel it’s a better option, you might want to take action.

7. There’s a Sense Of Apathy

Once you’re no more enthusiastic about your relationship, no interest in giving your best or committing to your partner. That’s a perfect description of a relationship that has lost its spark and love.

8. Disagreements Escalate Into Arguments

Having disagreements, discussions or quarrels is normal in every relationship. A relationship without disagreement means the couples are pretending. You are both from different backgrounds so you are bound to disagree. You understand each other better when you disagree and agree. It’s the aspect that enables you to learn and bond very well.

it’s time to stop and reevaluate what’s happening. If a little disagreement escalates to a point where you cajole your partner to do what you want, you are being selfish. It becomes one-sided and once it has reached this extent, you should take work.

9. The Thought of Them (or Their Presence) arouses Negative Feelings

This is the peak of a relationship falling apart. It’s quite serious but it does happen. If the sight of your partner irritates and annoys you deeply, then you are both apart already. If their memory makes you angry and your spirit boils, you have to reflect on it. So it’s either you try to tackle what must have caused it, or you end the relationship.

10. You Don’t Understand Each Other

The worst feeling is seeing yourself as a stranger in your relationship. Understanding is key to a healthy relationship. Most times we learn how to understand our partners and Know what they can do at some point as we spend more time together. But it becomes a different thing when you no longer understand them anymore. Your once caring, loving, and affectionate partner suddenly becomes a tyrant and a nag. This person is now a total stranger.

You simply can’t understand why he/she yells at you at every slightest provocation. They don’t even care to understand why you refused to do something they insisted you do.

11. You Don’t Feel Like Making the Effort

The relationship is sacrifice. Without making efforts and sacrifices your relationship can’t work. It takes two to tangle. If you are not putting effort to work things out then it’s over. Both parties must be involved. When it’s one-sided it doesn’t seem right. This tells us there are issues to be addressed else your ship will sink.

12. There Are Long Stretches of Time With No Romance

Life is not a bed of roses so are relationships. There are many hiccups you will face, you won’t be all cheesy and romantic. Times will come when you make each other sad and angry. But it’s abnormal when you guys aren’t romantic for a long time. There is no feeling of romance like before. This is telling you the love journey is over.

13. You Stop Caring

Caring for your partner is very important. Everyone wants to be cared for by their significant other. If you don’t care for your S.O it is a signal they don’t want you anymore. Don’t get worked up, it’s either you confront them or you let them go.

14. Things Become Consistently One-Sided

You no longer work as a team. Every action and decision is one-sided, you work separately and do things differently. This isn’t healthy at all, it can be so frustrating doing everything alone. It seems you are alone in the relationship, you might want to reconsider leaving or staying.

15. There Is No Evolution

Positive changes should be experienced in a healthy relationship. If both parties are not improving, learning, growing, and adjusting to fit into each other’s life; apparently, there’s a possibility you aren’t compatible or meant for each other.


When a relationship is experiencing ups and down it is bound to affect your level of Intimacy, communication, affection, and love. Facing these challenges entails a lot, you might either decide to address the issues to sort out your differences or you call it quits. The decision is left for you to take, just remember your happiness comes first.


Originally posted 2022-12-29 01:28:45.

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