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Signs He Is Forcing Himself to Love You

Signs He Is Forcing Himself to Love You

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Signs He Is Forcing Himself to Love You

It is not healthy or acceptable for someone to force themselves to love someone else. Love should be a natural and genuine feeling, not something a person feels like they have to experience. If you suspect that someone is forcing themselves to love you, it is important to communicate with them about your concerns and consider seeking support from a trusted friend or professional. Here are a few possible signs that someone may be forcing themselves to love you.

Undeniable signs he is forcing Himself To Love You

1. They frequently tell you that they love you, but their actions or behavior do not align with those words.

The action they say speaks louder than words. “Love is a verb! it’s an action word”. It’s not something you say just verbally but you feel it and express it through your actions. If he is not showing his love and affection through his actions, then he is just pretending to love you. His love isn’t genuine, he’s just forcing himself.

2. They seem unhappy or unfulfilled in the relationship.

Being unhappy and unfulfilled in a relationship indicates he is not really in love with you. He is been forcing himself to love you that’s why he isn’t happy. It’s as if he is caged in the relationship. No Peace, happiness, or fulfillment.

3. They are not affectionate or attentive towards you.

If you notice he doesn’t give you attention whenever you want to be with him or he isn’t affectionate with you, it’s a sure sign too. When a guy truly loves you, he will be willing to show you care and give you all the attention. He can’t even stand you because there are no feelings for you.

4. They do not make an effort to spend quality time with you.

Since he doesn’t love you genuinely making efforts to spend quality time with you, will never be on his agenda. The reason is that he has no feelings for you, and there’s no plan to be around you. He is not into you.

5. They are not interested in your thoughts, feelings, or experiences.

Your feelings don’t matter to him. Your thoughts, emotions, or experiences you had in the past don’t count. Sometimes you might want to relate your experiences, or your thoughts about something, but he won’t attend to you, because he cares less.

6. They do not support or encourage your personal goals or aspirations.

Having someone who supports you and encourages you in your goals and aspiration is very important. We all want a supportive partner who cares about our goals. But for a guy who is forcing himself to love you, he won’t encourage you or support you. Your aspiration doesn’t concern him, he has no interest in what you want to become.

7. They do not make an effort to resolve conflicts or address problems in the relationship.

When there’s a quarrel or conflict between you two he won’t make attempts to resolve it. The problems keep piling up. Even if you try to draw his attention to it he won’t take it seriously. Guys in love always make efforts to resolve any conflicts.

8. They do not make an effort to maintain a healthy and balanced relationship.

They are just there to pass time with you. He doesn’t make plans to maintain a healthy and balanced relationship with you. He is just on and off, he is never there when you need him, and your relationship isn’t a priority for him.

9. They constantly compare you to other people.

You are never enough for them, he keeps comparing you to other people he knows. He would find something you aren’t doing to compare you with others. He might tell you other women are better off than you in terms of dressing or career.

10. They are not supportive or understanding when you are going through a difficult time.

Most times your challenge will overwhelm you to the point you become emotionally and physically broken. At this point you need someone to talk to, that is why you need a partner who will stand by you when the road is rough. If you are in pain and he is not there to console and support you he is not in love with you.

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11. They do not show appreciation or gratitude towards you.

Does he ignore or fail to appreciate you when you do something for him? A guy who is truly in love with you won’t find it difficult to appreciate you. But when he fails to show gratitude then he is forcing himself to love you.

12. They do not make an effort to maintain physical intimacy in the relationship.

He doesn’t care about physical intimacy with you. If you try to be intimate with him he would push you away. This is a sign he doesn’t want to be fully involved in the relationship. Honestly, he is with you but not really in a relationship.

13. They do not make an effort to maintain emotional intimacy in the relationship

Being emotional is never important for him. He makes no effort to maintain emotional intimacy. He just has a relationship without thinking of the emotional aspect. When you talk about it he waves it.

14. They do not listen to or respect your boundaries.

There’s no atom of respect for you. A guy who doesn’t respect you doesn’t value you. He pays no attention to your boundaries, he is fond of interfering with your affairs that are meant to be private.

15. They do not make an effort to compromise or meet you halfway.

A relationship with honest feelings benefits both parties. If this guy is forcing himself on you, he won’t make attempts to compromise or meet your desires halfway. Every individual desires something in a relationship, if your party can’t meet them he does not love you genuinely.

16. They do not show consideration for your feelings or needs.

Your pains, fears, emotions, doubts, needs, etc. aren’t his priority. There is no consideration of how you are feeling or what you need. He is usually selfish with emotions, he pays no attention to your needs.

17. They do not make an effort to communicate openly and honestly with you.

They won’t see the need, to be honest with you, the reason being that their heart is not with you. Having an open conversation with him is fruitless. He is always corny and insincere with his words.

18. They do not make an effort to understand or empathize with your perspective.

Sharing your ideas with him is useless because he won’t value them. If you try to advise him on something he is doing, he would counter your idea. Or maybe you both want to decide on a particular thing, but your perspective about it will not count. He would bluff with his, to belittle your ideas.

19. They do not make an effort to maintain trust and honesty in the relationship.

Building trust and being honest can never be established with a guy who’s not really in love with you. He doesn’t take the relationship seriously, so there’s no point in building a trustworthy relationship.

Final Thoughts

If you are having such experiences with your man, he doesn’t love you. Do not take time to decide on what to do next. Have a conversation with him, and tell him you aren’t satisfied with his actions towards you. If he refused to change, then end the relationship.

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